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Nocardia canadensis sp. nov.

Submitted by Hijri, Mohamed

Species Nocardia canadensis

N.L. fem. adj. canadensis, Of Canada, from which this microorganim was isolated
Nomenclatural type
NCBI Assembly: GCF_032656385.1 Ts
Nocardia canadensis strain WB46 was isolated from the rhizosphere of willow plants (Salix purpurea L.) growing in soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons in Varennes, Quebec, Canada. It exhibits a 7.15 Mb (69.55% GC content) draft genome sequence containing 6,387 protein-coding genes, 51 tRNA and 15 rRNA sequences, with many genes responsible for petroleum hydrocarbon degradation such as alkane 1-monooxygenase (alkB) and naphthalene dioxygenase (ndo). 16S rRNA gene analyses, including in silico DNA-DNA hybridization (DDH) and average nucleotide identity (ANI), between Nocardia sp. strain WB46 and a closely related strain, Nocardia asteroids, showed a distance of 63.4% and sequence identity of 88.63%, respectively. These values are below the threshold levels of 70% and 95%, respectively, suggesting that Nocardia canadensis strain WB46 is a new species.
Bacteria » Actinomycetota » Actinobacteria » Mycobacteriales » Nocardiaceae » Nocardia » Nocardia canadensis
Effective publication: Alotaibi et al., 2023 [1]


  1. Alotaibi et al. (2023). Draft Genome of Nocardia canadensis sp. nov. Isolated from Petroleum-Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soil. Microorganisms. DOI:10.3390/microorganisms11122972

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