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Register List [2023]

Nitrosopolaris wilkesensis sp. nov. gen. nov.

Submitted by Pessi, Igor

Table 1: Complete list of names proposed in the current register list.

Proposed Taxon Etymology Description Parent Taxon Type Registry URL
Genus Nitrosopolaris ['ris] L. adj. nitrosus, nitrous; L. adj. polaris, of or pertaining to the poles; N.L. masc. n. Nitrosopolaris, nitrite-producing organism belonging to the poles
Genus of putative ammonia-oxidizing archaea in the family Nitrososphaeraceae, described based on metagenome-assembled genome from Arctic and Antarctic soils
Nitrososphaeraceae Nitrosopolaris wilkesensisTs
Species Nitrosopolaris wilkesensisTs ['sis] N.L. masc. adj. wilkesensis, pertaining to Wilkes Land, Antarctica
Species of putative ammonia-oxidizing archaea described based on a metagenome-assembled genome from Wilkes Land, Antarctica
Nitrosopolaris NCBI Assembly: GCA_003176995.1 Ts