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Electrothrix arhusiensis sp. nov.

Submitted by Schramm, Andreas

Table 1: Complete list of names proposed in the current register list.

Proposed Taxon Etymology Description Parent Taxon Type Registry URL
Species Electrothrix arhusiensis ['sis] N.L. fem. adj. arhusiensis, pertaining to Aarhus (in its medieval Latin form), a city in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula, referring to the place of the first discovery of cable bacteria
Filamentous bacteria of centimeter length that inhabit the surface of marine and coastal sediment and conduct electrons from sulfide-oxidizing cells to oxygen- or nitrate-reducing cells. Gliding motility. Gram-negative, with distinct ridges running longitudinally along the filament. Can assimilate acetate and propionate; CO2 fixation via the Wood-Ljungdahl pathway. Contains c-type cytochromes and type IV pili (PilA). Polyphosphate and polyglucose storage. Distinguishable by morphology and genome.
Electrothrix NCBI Assembly: GCA_942491045.1 Ts