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Fictibacillus terranigri sp. nov.

Submitted by Pellegrinetti, Thierry

Species Fictibacillus terrinigri

['gri] L. fem. n. terra, Earth; L. masc. adj. niger, Black; N.L. gen. n. terrinigri, From black earth, referencing the Amazonian Dark Earth soil from which it was isolated
Nomenclatural type
NCBI Assembly: GCF_030412265.1 Ts
Reference Strain
Fictibacillus terranigra is a Gram-positive, aerobic bacterium, originating from Amazonian Dark Earth. It has a versatile metabolism, with the capacity to metabolize various sugars and assimilate minerals like nitrate and sulfate. Its genome is robust, consisting of 16 contigs with about 3,315 predicted genes. Additionally, it demonstrates potential as a biocontrol agent, given its ability to antagonize certain pathogens. This unique bacterium signifies a remarkable potential for diverse biotechnological applications.
Bacteria » Bacillota » Bacilli » Caryophanales » Bacillaceae » Fictibacillus » Fictibacillus terrinigri
Effective publication: Pellegrinetti et al., 2024 [1]


  1. Pellegrinetti et al. (2024). Genomic insights of Fictibacillus terranigra sp. nov., a versatile metabolic bacterium from Amazonian Dark Earths. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. DOI:10.1007/s42770-024-01268-3

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