Roux, Véronique


Analysis of 525 Samples To Determine the Usefulness of PCR Amplification and Sequencing of the 16S rRNA Gene for Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Infections

Fenollar et al. (2006). Journal of Clinical Microbiology 44 (3)
“Anaerococcus massiliensis” “Anaerococcus phoceensis” “Anaerococcus timonensis” “Clostridium massiliense” “Clostridium timonense” “Peptoniphilus massiliensis”
ABSTRACT The 16S rRNA gene PCR in the diagnosis of bone and joint infections has not been systematically tested. Five hundred twenty-five bone and joint samples collected from 525 patients were cultured and submitted to 16S rRNA gene PCR detection of bacteria in parallel. The amplicons with mixed sequences were also cloned. When discordant results were observed, culture and PCR were performed once again. Bacteria were detected in 139 of 525 samples. Culture and 16S rRNA ge