Smits, Theo H. M.


Genomic delineation and description of species and within-species lineages in the genus Pantoea

Crosby et al. (2023). Frontiers in Microbiology 14
Pantoea alvi Pantoea multigeneris Pantoea floridensis Pantoea haifensis Pantoea varia Pantoea rara Pantoea gossypiicola Pantoea bituminis Pantoea deserta Pantoea formicae Pantoea soli Pantoea astica Pantoea borealis Pantoea superficialis Pantoea symbiotica Pantoea communis
As the name of the genus Pantoea (“of all sorts and sources”) suggests, this genus includes bacteria with a wide range of provenances, including plants, animals, soils, components of the water cycle, and humans. Some members of the genus are pathogenic to plants, and some are suspected to be opportunistic human pathogens; while others are used as microbial pesticides or show promise in biotechnological applications. During its taxonomic history, the genus and its species have seen many revisions