Taylor, Pieter


'Candidatus Phytoplasma dypsidis', a novel taxon associated with a lethal wilt disease of palms in Australia

Jones et al. (2021). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 71 (5)
Ca. Phytoplasma Ca. Phytoplasma dypsidis Ca. Phytoplasma noviguineense
A phytoplasma was initially detected in Dypsis poivriana by nested and real-time PCR from the botanical gardens in Cairns, Queensland, Australia in 2017. Further surveys in the Cairns region identified phytoplasma infections in eight additional dying ornamental palm species (Euterpe precatoria, Cocos nucifera, Verschaffeltia splendida, Brassiophoenix drymophloeodes, Burretiokentia hapala, Cyrtostachys renda, Reinhardtia gracilis, Carpoxylon macrospermum), a Phoenix species, a Euterpe species and