Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense

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Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense”
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Montano et al., 2001
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Bacteria » Mycoplasmatota » Mollicutes » Acholeplasmatales » Acholeplasmataceae » Candidatus Phytoplasma » Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense
Candidatus Phytoplasma


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Citation Title
Lane et al., 2024, Plant Disease Development of a TaqMan assay for the detection of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense’ and assessment by high resolution melt-curve analysis (HRMA)
Di Lella et al., 2022, Plant Health Progress First Report of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense’ in North America and in a New Host, Globe Sedge (Cyperus globulosus)
Sajeena et al., 2021, Plant Disease First Report of Candidatus Phytoplasma cynodontis (16SrXIV-A Subgroup) Associated with Cauliflower Phyllody and Flat Stem in India
Wei et al., 2017, Plant Disease First Report of a New Grapevine Yellows Disease in Peru and its Association With Infection by a ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense’-Related Phytoplasma Strain
Wei et al., 2017, Crop Protection ‘ Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense’-related strains associated with papaya bunchy top disease in northern Peru represent a distinct geographic lineage
Canale, Bedendo, 2013, Plant Disease ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense’ (16SrXV-A Subgroup) Associated with Cauliflower Displaying Stunt Symptoms in Brazil
Balakishiyeva et al., 2011, European Journal of Plant Pathology Detection of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense’ in a new geographic region and existence of two genetically distinct populations’
Eckstein et al., 2011, Plant Disease A Sida sp. Is a New Host for “Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense” in Brazil
Silva et al., 2009, Summa Phytopathologica Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense associado ao superbrotamento do hibisco (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.) no Estado de São Paulo
Montano et al., 2001, Plant Disease First Report of Natural Infection by “Candidatus Phytoplasma brasiliense” in Catharanthus roseus

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