Genome-Enabled Insights into the Ecophysiology of the Comammox Bacterium “ Candidatus Nitrospira nitrosa”

Camejo et al. (2017). mSystems 2 (5)
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Biochemistry Computer Science Applications Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics Genetics Microbiology Modelling and Simulation Molecular Biology Physiology
Nitrospira -like bacteria are among the most diverse and widespread nitrifiers in natural ecosystems and the dominant nitrite oxidizers in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The recent discovery of comammox-like Nitrospira strains, capable of complete oxidation of ammonia to nitrate, raises new questions about specific traits responsible for the functional versatility and adaptation of this genus to a variety of environments. The availability of new Nitrospira genome sequences from both nitrite-oxidizing and comammox bacteria offers a way to analyze traits in different Nitrospira functional groups. Our comparative genomics analysis provided new insights into the adaptation of Nitrospira strains to specific lifestyles and environmental niches.
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