Herrera, Heitor M.


Multi-Locus Sequencing Reveals Putative Novel Anaplasmataceae Agents, ‘Candidatus Ehrlichia dumleri’ and Anaplasma sp., in Ring-Tailed Coatis (Carnivora: Nasua nasua) from Urban Forested Fragments at Midwestern Brazil

Perles et al. (2022). Microorganisms 10 (12)
Ca. Anaplasma brasiliensis Ca. Ehrlichia dumleri
The Anaplasmataceae family encompasses obligate intracellular α-proteobacteria of human and veterinary medicine importance. This study performed multi-locus sequencing to characterize Ehrlichia and Anaplasma in coati’s blood samples in Midwestern Brazil. Twenty-five samples (25/165—15.1%) were positive in the screening PCR based on the dsb gene of Ehrlichia spp. and were characterized using 16S rRNA, sodB, groEL, and gltA genes and the 23S-5S intergenic space region (ITS). Phylogenetic analyses