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We have identified 9638 names from 3701 publications, including 523 validly published names in 87 lists.

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May 24, 2024
New feature in Registry: Dictionary lookups
We recognize that completing etymology tables correctly is challenging. In order to help users and ease curation, the Registry now includes a built-in Latin dictionary lookup to simplify the process of grammatical analysis and morpheme descriptions. To learn more, see How do I use dictionary lookups?
May 03, 2024
New server domain for the Registry
The SeqCode Registry is now migrating all traffic to the domain This means you might need to login again (with the same credentials), but it should otherwise cause no interruptions. For reference, the previous location was
March 18, 2024
SeqCode Prize 2024 to Dr. Jiménez Avella
The SeqCode Committee congratulates Dr. Diego Javier Jiménez Avella, recipient of the SeqCode Prize 2024. Learn more at the SeqCode Prize page.

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