Baimai, Visut


A novel Rickettsia, Candidatus Rickettsia takensis, and the first record of Candidatus Rickettsia laoensis in Dermacentor from Northwestern Thailand

Chaloemthanetphong et al. (2023). Scientific Reports 13 (1)
“Rickettsia laoensis” Ca. Rickettsia takensis
AbstractThree hundred and forty-four tick samples were collected from vegetation at Taksin Maharat National Park, Tak province, northwestern Thailand. They were morphologically identified and molecularly confirmed by 16S rRNA and COI genes as Dermacentor laothaiensis (n = 105), D. steini (n = 139), and D. auratus (n = 100). These ticks were examined for the spotted fever group rickettsiae (SFGRs) using PCR and DNA sequencing of six genes; 17-kDa, gltA, 16S rRNA, ompA, ompB, and sca4. Of these ti