Saraf, Aniket


Insights into the phylogenetic inconsistencies of the genus Amazonocrinis and description of epilithic Amazonocrinis malviyae sp. nov. (Cyanobacteria, Nostocales) from Jammu and Kashmir, India

Kumar et al. (2022). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 72 (12)
Amazonocrinis malviyae
A dark-coloured thin film of cyanobacteria growing on the bottom of a submerged stone was isolated from Basantgarh village in Udhampur district, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The isolated strain (designated 19C-PST) was characterized using a polyphasic approach. The strain exhibited typical Nostoc -like morphology with a characteristic feature of having heterocytes in series. The 16S rRNA gene phylogeny placed the