Yaşa, İhsan


Genomic Insights into the Symbiotic and Plant Growth-Promoting Traits of “Candidatus Phyllobacterium onerii” sp. nov. Isolated from Endemic Astragalus flavescens

Eren Eroğlu et al. (2024). Microorganisms 12 (2)
Ca. Phyllobacterium onerii
A novel strain of Gram-negative, rod-shaped aerobic bacteria, identified as IY22, was isolated from the root nodules of Astragalus flavescens. The analysis of the 16S rDNA and recA (recombinase A) gene sequences indicated that the strain belongs to the genus Phyllobacterium. During the phylogenetic analysis, it was found that strain IY22 is closely related to P. trifolii strain PETP02T and P. bourgognense strain STM 201T. The genome of IY22 was determined to be 6,010,116 base pairs long with a D