Pallen, Mark J


Updating the unnamed: over 20,000 new Candidatus names for unnamed taxa in GTDB release r214

Pallen (2024).
Ca. Acigarchota Ca. Afuciota Ca. Bobupiota Ca. Fitepiota Ca. Hubebiota Ca. Inuciota Ca. Luxamiota Ca. Megaciota Ca. Oviciota Ca. Ucifiota Ca. Uvuciota
Abstract Here, an established approach to the generation of well-formed arbitrary Latinate names at a scale has been adopted and adapted to name tens of thousands of new, but unnamed taxa within GTDB Release r214.1. New Latinate Candidatus names have been created and assigned to two new archaeal and twelve new bacterial phyla; six new archaeal and 48 new bacterial classes; 13 new archaeal and 158 new bacterial orders; 60 new archaeal and 597 new bacterial families; 271 new archaeal and 3