Nunes da Rocha, Ulisses


Potential soil transmission of a novel Candidatus Liberibacter strain detected in citrus seedlings grown in soil from a huanglongbing infested citrus grove

Nunes da Rocha et al. (2019).
Ca. Liberibacter africanus Liberibacter
SUMMARYCandidatus Liberibacter spp. are Alphaproteobacteria associated with plants and psyllid vectors. Most cause plant diseases, including Ca Liberibacter asiaticus (Las) associated with citrus huanglongbing (HLB). Replacing HLB-infected by Las-free citrus trees results in fast re-infection despite psyllid control. To check if HLB could be soil-borne, we performed an insect-free greenhouse-experiment with 130 mandarin seedlings in two citrus-grove soils (A and B), non-autoclaved or autoclaved.