Van Oevelen, S.


‘Candidatus Burkholderia calva’ and ‘Candidatus Burkholderia nigropunctata’ as leaf gall endosymbionts of African Psychotria

Van Oevelen et al. (2004). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 54 (6)
Ca. Burkholderia calva Ca. Burkholderia nigropunctata
Phylogenetic 16S rRNA gene analysis was used to assign the bacterial leaf-nodulating endosymbionts of two tropical African Psychotria species to the genus Burkholderia. The microsymbionts of the different Psychotria hosts were recognized as distinct and novel species of Burkholderia on the basis of relatively low intersequence similarities and sufficiently large evolutionary distances when compared with each other and their closest validly named neighbours. The obligate endosymbiotic nature of t