Volcano, Francesca


Candidatus Ethanoperedens, a thermophilic genus of archaea mediating the anaerobic oxidation of ethane

Hahn et al. (2020).
Ca. Argarchaeum “Desulfofervidus auxilii” Ca. Ethanoperedens Ca. Ethanoperedens thermophilum
ABSTRACTCold seeps and hydrothermal vents deliver large amounts of methane and other gaseous alkanes into marine surface sediments. Consortia of archaea and partner bacteria thrive on the oxidation of these alkanes and its coupling to sulfate reduction. The inherently slow growth of the involved organisms and the lack of pure cultures have impeded the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of archaeal alkane degradation. Here, using hydrothermal sediments of the Guaymas Basin (Gulf of Califor