Markowicz, Mateusz


Identification and Characterization of “Candidatus Rickettsia Thierseensis”, a Novel Spotted Fever Group Rickettsia Species Detected in Austria

Schötta et al. (2020). Microorganisms 8 (11)
Rickettsia Ca. Rickettsia thierseensis
Rickettsia spp. are the second most common pathogens detected in Ixodes ricinus ticks in Austria after Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. Species belonging to the spotted fever group (SFG) are the causative agents for tick-borne rickettsiosis across the world. So far, only four SFG Rickettsia spp. were detected in Austria, namely R. helvetica, R. raoultii, R. monacensis and R. slovaca. Here, we describe the identification of a new SFG Rickettsia species detected in an I. ricinus tick. Sequencing o