Azède, Catherine


Candidatus Thiovulum sp. strain imperiosus: the largest free-living Epsilonproteobacteraeota Thiovulum strain lives in a marine mangrove environment

Sylvestre et al. (2022). Canadian Journal of Microbiology 68 (1)
Ca. Thiovulum imperiosus
A large (47.75 ± 3.56 µm in diameter) Thiovulum bacterial strain forming white veils is described from a marine mangrove ecosystem. High sulfide concentrations (up to 8 mM of H2S) were measured on sunken organic matter (wood/bone debris) under laboratory conditions. This sulfur-oxidizing bacterium colonized the organic matter, forming a white veil. According to conventional scanning electron microscope (SEM) observations, bacterial cells are ovoid and slightly motile by numerous small flagella