Leadbetter, Jared Renton


Comparative genomics on cultivated and uncultivated, freshwater and marine Candidatus Manganitrophaceae species implies their worldwide reach in manganese chemolithoautotrophy

Yu et al. (2021).
Ca. Manganitrophaceae Ca. Manganitrophus Ca. Manganitrophus morganii Ca. Manganitrophus noduliformans
AbstractChemolithoautotrophic manganese oxidation has long been theorized, but only recently demonstrated in a bacterial co-culture. The majority member of the co-culture, Candidatus Manganitrophus noduliformans, is a distinct but not yet isolated lineage in the phylum Nitrospirota (Nitrospirae). Here, we established two additional MnCO3-oxidizing cultures using inocula from Santa Barbara (USA) and Boetsap (South Africa). Both cultures were dominated by strains of a new species, designated Candi