Steiner, U.


Isolates of ‘Candidatus Nostocoida limicola’ Blackall et al. 2000 should be described as three novel species of the genus Tetrasphaera, as Tetrasphaera jenkinsii sp. nov., Tetrasphaera vanveenii sp. nov. and Tetrasphaera veronensis sp. nov

McKenzie et al. (2006). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 56 (10)
Ca. Nostocoida limicola
Despite differences in their morphologies, comparative analyses of 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed high levels of similarity (>94 %) between strains of the filamentous bacterium ‘Candidatus Nostocoida limicola’ and the cocci Tetrasphaera australiensis and Tetrasphaera japonica and the rod Tetrasphaera elongata, all isolated from activated sludge. These sequence data and their chemotaxonomic characters, including cell wall, menaquinone and lipid compositions and fingerprints of their 16S–23S