Methanomethylophilus alviT


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Methanomethylophilus alviT Borrel et al. 2024
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Borrel et al., 2023
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Valid (ICNP)
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L. gen. n. alvi, of the bowel, referring to the isolation source (human gut).
Nomenclatural type
Strain: CIP 112449 = JCM 31474 = Mx-05 = Mx1201
Reference strain
CIP 112449 = JCM 31474 = Mx-05 = Mx1201
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Validly published under the ICNP


The strain Mx-05 was isolated from the human gut. The cells of Mx-05T are non-motile cocci 0.4–0.7 μm in diameter. They grow anaerobically and reduced methanol, mono-, di-, and trimethylamine into methane, using H2 as an electron donor. Mx-05 grows at temperature range between 30 °C and 40 °C (optimum 37 °C), over a pH range of 6.9–8.3 (optimum pH 7.5). The genome is 1.67 Mbp with a G+C content of 55.5 mol%.
Archaea » Methanobacteriota » Thermoplasmata » Methanomassiliicoccales » Methanomethylophilaceae » Methanomethylophilus » Methanomethylophilus alviT
Methanomethylophilus ncbi assigned in Borrel et al., 2012
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Citation Title
Borrel et al., 2023, Microorganisms Methanomethylophilus alvi gen. nov., sp. nov., a Novel Hydrogenotrophic Methyl-Reducing Methanogenic Archaea of the Order Methanomassiliicoccales Isolated from the Human Gut and Proposal of the Novel Family Methanomethylophilaceae fam. nov
Effective publication
Protasov et al., 2023, Frontiers in Microbiology Diversity and taxonomic revision of methanogens and other archaea in the intestinal tract of terrestrial arthropods
Oren, 2017, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology A plea for linguistic accuracy – also for Candidatus taxa
Borrel et al., 2012, Journal of Bacteriology Genome Sequence of “Candidatus Methanomethylophilus alvus” Mx1201, a Methanogenic Archaeon from the Human Gut Belonging to a Seventh Order of Methanogens
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