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Shikimatogenerans Kiefer et al., 2021 (valid 2024)
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Kiefer et al., 2021
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N.L. masc. n. shikimas, shikimate; L. pres. part. generans, producing; N.L. masc. n. Shikimatogenerans, shikimate producing bacteria
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Shikimatogenerans silvanidophilusTs
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The genus name "Shikimatogenerans" is coined from the Latin roots "shikimato," denoting the shikimate pathway, and "generans," emphasizing its generative or producing capabilities. This nomenclature is proposed in recognition of the organism's distinct proficiency in executing the shikimate pathway, as elucidated by our investigations into the endosymbiont associated with Oryzaephilus surinamensis.

The choice of the genus name is centered on the organism's remarkable metabolic feature—the shikimate pathway—a vital biochemical route integral to the synthesis of essential aromatic compounds. "Shikimatogenerans" encapsulates the organism's notable capacity to engage in this crucial metabolic process.

By adopting this genus name, we aim to highlight and categorize bacteria sharing this metabolic trait, contributing to a more refined taxonomic understanding. The term "Shikimatogenerans" serves as a beacon, guiding future taxonomic considerations for related Bacteroidetes bacteria associated with various beetle families, as suggested by prior studies.

In essence, "Shikimatogenerans" stands as a testament to the organism's distinctive metabolic prowess, facilitating the systematic classification of bacteria with shared biochemical characteristics.
The use of the connecting vowel -i- would be preferred, resulting in the spelling "Shikimatigenerans", but the effectively published spelling has been preserved following Rule 48.
Bacteria » Bacteroidota » Flavobacteriia » Flavobacteriales » Flavobacteriaceae » Shikimatogenerans
Flavobacteriaceae assigned in Kiefer et al., 2021
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Kiefer, Julian 9 months ago
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Kiefer, Julian 6 months ago
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Kiefer et al., 2021, Communications Biology Inhibition of a nutritional endosymbiont by glyphosate abolishes mutualistic benefit on cuticle synthesis in Oryzaephilus surinamensis
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