Candidatus Sulcia muelleri

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Candidatus Sulcia muelleri”
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Chang et al., 2015
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Bacteria » Bacteroidota » Flavobacteriia » Flavobacteriales » Blattabacteriaceae » “Sulcia” » Candidatus Sulcia muelleri
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Moriyama et al., 2023, Microbiology Resource Announcements Complete genomes of mutualistic bacterial co-symbionts “ Candidatus Sulcia muelleri” and “ Candidatus Nasuia deltocephalinicola” of the rice green leafhopper Nephotettix cincticeps
Shih et al., 2019, Microbiology Resource Announcements Draft Genome Sequence of “ Candidatus Sulcia muelleri” Strain KPTW1 from Kolla paulula , a Vector of Xylella fastidiosa Causing Pierce’s Disease of Grapevine in Taiwan
Tesneem, Rebecca, 2017, African Journal of Microbiology Research A novel groel gene from the endosymbiont of beet leafhopper, Candidatus Sulcia muelleri
Bennett et al., 2016, Genome Announcements Complete Genome Sequences of the Obligate Symbionts “ Candidatus Sulcia muelleri” and “ Ca Nasuia deltocephalinicola” from the Pestiferous Leafhopper Macrosteles quadripunctulatus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)
Chang et al., 2015, Genome Announcements Complete Genome Sequence of “Candidatus Sulcia muelleri” ML, an Obligate Nutritional Symbiont of Maize Leafhopper ( Dalbulus maidis )

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