Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis

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Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis”
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Willi et al., 2006
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Bacteria » Mycoplasmatota » Mollicutes » Mycoplasmatales » Mycoplasmataceae » Mycoplasma » Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis


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Citation Title
Kamyingkird et al., 2017, Veterinary Microbiology WITHDRAWN: Molecular detection of Mycoplasma haemofelis, ‘Candidatus Mycoplasma haemominutum’ and ‘Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis’ in stray cats residing in monasteries of Bangkok, Thailand
Baumann et al., 2015, Veterinary Research Lack of cross-protection against Mycoplasma haemofelis infection and signs of enhancement in “Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis”-recovered cats
Novacco et al., 2013, Veterinary Microbiology Tissue sequestration of ‘Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis’
Novacco et al., 2012, Veterinary Microbiology Humoral immune response to a recombinant hemoplasma antigen in experimental ‘Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis’ infection
Novacco et al., 2012, Veterinary Research Protection from reinfection in “Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis”-infected cats and characterization of the immune response
Willi et al., 2011, Veterinary Microbiology First morphological characterization of ‘Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis’ using electron microscopy
WATANABE et al., 2011, Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association Detection of New Hemoplasma ‘Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis’ Infection in Domestic Cats in Japan
Novacco et al., 2011, Veterinary Research Chronic "Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis" infection
FUJIHARA et al., 2007, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science Occurrence of "Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis' Infection in Domestic Cats in Japan
Willi et al., 2006, Journal of Clinical Microbiology Phylogenetic Analysis of “CandidatusMycoplasma turicensis” Isolates from Pet Cats in the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa, with Analysis of Risk Factors for Infection

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