Medium-Chain Fatty Acid Synthesis by “ Candidatus Weimeria bifida” gen. nov., sp. nov., and “ Candidatus Pseudoramibacter fermentans” sp. nov

Scarborough et al. (2020). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 86 (3)
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Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Biotechnology Ecology Food Science
Chain elongation by medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA)-producing microbiomes offers an opportunity to produce valuable chemicals from organic streams that would otherwise be considered waste. However, the physiology and energetics of chain elongation are only beginning to be studied, and many of these organisms remain uncultured. We analyzed MCFA production by two uncultured organisms that were identified as the main MCFA producers in a microbial community enriched from an anaerobic digester; this characterization, which is based on meta-multi-omic analysis, complements the knowledge that has been acquired from pure-culture studies. The analysis revealed previously unreported features of the metabolism of MCFA-producing organisms.
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