New intranuclear symbiotic bacteria from macronucleus of Paramecium putrinum — Candidatus Gortzia yakutica

Beliavskaia et al. (2020).
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AbstractHolospora-like bacteria are obligate intracellular Alphaproteobacteria, inhabiting nuclei of Paramecium ciliates and other protists. Alphaproteobacteria have drawn significant attention, as both closest existing relatives of bacteria that gave rise to mitochondria, as well as a class of intracellular bacteria with numerous important pathogens.HLB clade includes two genera – Holospora (Hafkine 1980) and candidatus Gortzia (Boscaro 2013). These bacteria have a peculiar life cycle with two morphological forms, a strict specificity to the host species and the type of nucleus they inhabit.Here we describe a new species of HLB – candidatus Gortzia yakutica sp. nov., a symbiont from macronucleus of Paramecium putrinum, the first known HLB for this Paramecium species. The new symbiont shows morphological similarities with other HLB. The phylogenetic analysis of SSU rDNA gene places it into candidatus Gortzia clade.
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