Case Report: An Eyelid Nodule Caused by Candidatus Dirofilaria hongkongensis Diagnosed by Mitochondrial 12S rRNA Sequence

Tirakunwichcha et al. (2021). The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
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Ca. Dirofilaria hongkongensis
Infectious Diseases Parasitology Virology
A 59-year-old female living in Rayong Province, eastern Thailand, presented with painless, right upper eyelid nodule for 3 months. Upon removal of the eyelid mass, a well-circumscribed, firm globular mass with diameter about 1 cm was found. Histopathological examination revealed an immature female dirofilarial worm reminiscent of Dirofilaria repens, characterized by prominent sharp longitudinal ridges at external surface of the cuticle. Analysis of the mitochondrial 12S rRNA sequence showed that the worm belongs to Candidatus Dirofilaria hongkongensis. It is likely that some infections previously reported as D. repens based on histological examination may have actually been due to Candidatus D. hongkongensis.
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