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“Candidatus Intestinibacterium parameciiphilum”—member of the “Candidatus Paracaedibacteraceae” family (Alphaproteobacteria, Holosporales) inhabiting the ciliated protist Paramecium

Lanzoni et al. (2023). International Microbiology
Ca. Intestinibacterium Ca. Intestinibacterium nucleariae Ca. Intestinibacterium parameciiphilum “Paracaedibacteraceae”
AbstractProtists frequently host diverse bacterial symbionts, in particular those affiliated with the order Holosporales (Alphaproteobacteria). All characterised members of this bacterial lineage have been retrieved in obligate association with a wide range of eukaryotes, especially multiple protist lineages (e.g. amoebozoans, ciliates, cercozoans, euglenids, and nucleariids), as well as some metazoans (especially arthropods and related ecdysozoans). While the genus Paramecium and other ciliates