Gupta, Radhey S.


Robust demarcation of the family Peptostreptococcaceae and its main genera based on phylogenomic studies and taxon-specific molecular markers

Bello et al. (2024). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 74 (2)
Peptoclostridiaceae Tepidibacteraceae
The family Peptostreptococcaceae, which contains 15 genera including Clostridioides, presently lacks proper circumscription. Using 52 available genomes for Peptostreptococcaceae species, we report comprehensive phylogenomic and comparative analyses to reliably discern their evolutionary relationships. In phylogenetic trees based on core genome proteins and 16S rRNA gene sequences, the examined species formed a strongly supported clade designated as Peptostreptococcaceae sensu stricto. This clade