Che, Haiyan


Molecular Identification of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma malaysianum’-Related Strains Associated with Areca catechu Palm Yellow Leaf Disease and Phylogenetic Diversity of the Phytoplasmas Within the 16SrXXXII Group

Yu et al. (2024). Plant Disease
Ca. Phytoplasma malaysianum
Areca catechu palm is an important cash plant in Hainan Island of China and also in the tropical regions of the world. A. catechu palm yellow leaf (AcYL) disease caused by phytoplasmas is a devastating disease for plant production. In the study, the phytoplasmas associated with the AcYL disease were identified and characterized based on their conserved genes, and genetic variation and phylogenetic relationship of the phytoplasma strains in the 16SrXXXII group were demonstrated. The results indi