Jiang, Jia-Fu


Molecular Detection of Novel Borrelia Species, Candidatus Borrelia javanense, in Amblyomma javanense Ticks from Pangolins

Jiang et al. (2021). Pathogens 10 (6)
Ca. Borrelia javanense
A novel Borrelia species, Candidatus Borrelia javanense, was found in ectoparasite ticks, Amblyomma javanense, from Manis javanica pangolins seized in anti-smuggling operations in southern China. Overall, 12 tick samples in 227 (overall prevalence 5.3%) were positive for Candidatus B. javanense, 9 (5.1%) in 176 males, and 3 (5.9%) in 51 females. The phylogenetic analysis, based on the 16S rRNA gene and the flagellin gene sequences of the Borrelia sp., exhibited strong evidence that Candidatus B.