MacGregor, Barbara J.


Mobile Elements in a Single-Filament Orange Guaymas Basin Beggiatoa (“Candidatus Maribeggiatoa”) sp. Draft Genome: Evidence for Genetic Exchange with Cyanobacteria

MacGregor et al. (2013). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79 (13)
Ca. Maribeggiatoa
ABSTRACTThe draft genome sequence of a single orangeBeggiatoa(“CandidatusMaribeggiatoa”) filament collected from a microbial mat at a hydrothermal site in Guaymas Basin (Gulf of California, Mexico) shows evidence of extensive genetic exchange with cyanobacteria, in particular for sensory and signal transduction genes. A putative homing endonuclease gene and group I intron within the 23S rRNA gene; several group II catalytic introns; GyrB and DnaE inteins, also encoding homing endonucleases; mult