Gandar, J.


Cloning of the spoT Gene of “ Candidatus Phlomobacter fragariae” and Development of a PCR-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Assay for Detection of the Bacterium in Insects

Foissac et al. (2000). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 66 (8)
Ca. Phlomobacter fragariae
ABSTRACT Marginal chlorosis is a new disease of strawberry in which the uncultured phloem-restricted proteobacterium “ Candidatus Phlomobacter fragariae” is involved. In order to identify the insect(s) vector(s) of this bacterium, homopteran insects have been captured. Because a PCR test based on the 16S rRNA gene (rDNA) applied to these insects was unable to discriminate between “P. fragariae” and other insect-associated proteobacteria, isolation o