Gagen, Emma J.


Recoding of stop codons expands the metabolic potential of two novel Asgardarchaeota lineages

Sun et al. (2021). ISME Communications 1 (1)
Ca. Borrarchaeum weybense “Jordarchaeum” “Jordarchaeum madagascariense” “Sifarchaeaceae” “Jordarchaeaceae” “Sifarchaeales” “Jordarchaeales” “Sifarchaeia” “Jordarchaeia” Ca. Borrarchaeaceae Ca. Borrarchaeum “Sifarchaeum” Ca. Sifarchaeum marinoarchaea Ca. Sifarchaeum subterraneus “Sifarchaeota”
AbstractAsgardarchaeota have been proposed as the closest living relatives to eukaryotes, and a total of 72 metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) representing six primary lineages in this archaeal phylum have thus far been described. These organisms are predicted to be fermentative heterotrophs contributing to carbon cycling in sediment ecosystems. Here, we double the genomic catalogue of Asgardarchaeota by obtaining 71 MAGs from a range of habitats around the globe, including the deep subsurface,