Wylie, S. J.


First Report of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia’ Associated With Severe Stunting and Necrosis on the Invasive Weed Pelargonium capitatum in Western Australia

Lee et al. (2010). Plant Disease 94 (10)
Ca. Phytoplasma aurantifolia
Pelargonium capitatum (rose pelargonium) is a plant indigenous to southern Africa, originally brought to Western Australia for its ornamental qualities. It has since become naturalized in the Southwest Australian Floristic Region, recognized for its high level of species endemism, where it is a serious invasive weed in bushlands and coastal dunes. Since P. capitatum outcompetes native species it is listed among the top 10 most important coastal weeds of the region (3). In 2008, large patches of