Arthropod-Plant Interactions


Feeding behaviour of Bactericera cockerelli (Šulc) (Hemiptera: Psylloidea: Triozidae) changes when infected with Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum

Valenzuela et al. (2020). Arthropod-Plant Interactions 14 (5)
“Liberibacter solanacearum”
AbstractPathogens which need a vector for their transmission can alter the vectors’ behaviour to favour their spread. We used the electrical penetration graph technique to investigate this hypothesis by using the tomato potato psyllid Bactericera cockerelli infected or not with the plant pathogen Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (CLso) on African boxthorn and tomato. Probing was not affected by the host type but there was a significant effect on probing due to the infection status of the psy