Candidatus Thiothrix anitrata

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Candidatus Thiothrix anitrata” Ravin et al., 2021
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Ravin et al., 2021
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Members of the genus Thiothrix are capable of both organoheterotrophic and lithoautotrophic growth in the presence of reduced sulfur compounds as well as of mixotrophic growth under appropriate conditions. Due to the flexible sulfur, nitrogen and carbon metabolism and the ability for aerobic and anaerobic growth, these bacteria can occupy various ecological niches. As a rule, they dominate microbial populations in sulfide-rich waters, forming powerful bacterial fouling (Larkin and Shinabarger, 1983; Chernousova et al., 2010; Rossmassler et al., 2016).
Genomic DNA was isolated from Thiothrix sp. AS and T. unzii A1T (strain was obtained from ATCC collection ATCC 49747T) using a DNeasy PowerSoil DNA isolation kit (Mo Bio Laboratories, Carlsbad, CA, United States). Genomic DNA was sequenced using Illumina and Oxford Nanopore platforms. For Illumina sequencing, the shotgun genome libraries were prepared using the NEBNext Ultra II DNA library prep kit (New England Biolabs, United States). The libraries were sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq (Illumina, San Diego, CA, United States) in a paired reads mode (2 × 300 nt). Low quality sequences were trimmed using Sickle v.1.33 (q = 30)1. In addition, genomic DNA was sequenced on a MinION device (Oxford Nanopore, United Kingdom) using the ligation sequencing kit 1D and FLO-MIN110 cells. Sequencing statistics are shown in Supplementary Table 1. For each genome, nanopore reads were assembled into a single circular contig using Flye v. 2.8.2 (Kolmogorov et al., 2019). The consensus sequence of the assembled contig was corrected with two iterations of Pilon v.1.22 (Walker et al., 2014) using Illumina MiSeq reads.
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Ravin et al., 2021, Frontiers in Microbiology Comparative Genome Analysis of the Genus Thiothrix Involving Three Novel Species, Thiothrix subterranea sp. nov. Ku-5, Thiothrix litoralis sp. nov. AS and “Candidatus Thiothrix anitrata” sp. nov. A52, Revealed the Conservation of the Pathways of Dissimilatory Sulfur Metabolism and Variations in the Genetic Inventory for Nitrogen Metabolism and Autotrophic Carbon Fixation
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