Pantoea symbiotica


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Pantoea symbiotica Crosby et al., 2023
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Crosby et al., 2023
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N.L. fem. adj. symbiotica, living together, symbiotic
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NCBI Assembly: GCF_900114175.1
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This species includes nine genomes that belong to P. symbiotica sp. nov. The clade corresponding to this group is a sister clade of the "P. endophytica" clade. Pairwise ANI between the eight genomes is over 97%, while ANI between them and "P. endophytica" genomes, which represent the most closely related known species, is approximately 93%, showing that these strains do in fact represent a separate species. The strains were isolated from poplar (Populus deltoides) roots along the Caney Fork River in Tennessee, USA; Eastern cottonwood poplar roots on the Yadkin River in North Carolina, USA (Brown et al. 2012); from fungi in New York State, USA (Wong et al. 2020); and as endophytes of grapevine. Based on these isolation sources, this species appears to be adapted to the rhizosphere. The nomenclatural type for the species is the genome of strain YR512Ts, available under the GenBank assembly accession number GCF_900114175.1.
Bacteria » Pseudomonadota » Gammaproteobacteria » Enterobacterales » Erwiniaceae » Pantoea » Pantoea symbiotica
Pantoea ncbigtdb


NCBI Assembly:GCF_900114175.1
Isolate Genome
Estimated Quality Metrics
  • Completeness: 99.84%
  • Contamination: 0.91%
  • Quality: 95.29
Ribosomal and transfer RNA genes
  • 1 16S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • 1 23S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • tRNAs for 18 amino acids
Sequencing depth
273.0 ×
Other features
  • G+C Content: 54.57%
  • Coding Density: 89.24%
  • Codon Table: 11
  • N50: 402,499 bp
  • Contigs: 27
  • Largest Contig: 766,167 bp
  • Assembly Length: 5,277,081 bp
  • Ambiguous Assembly Fraction: 0.011%
Submitter comments
Quality assessed with CheckM v. 1. rRNA prediction performed with barrnap v. 0.9, and tRNA prediction performed with tRNAscan-SE v. 2.0.9.
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Citation Title
Crosby et al., 2023, Frontiers in Microbiology Genomic delineation and description of species and within-species lineages in the genus Pantoea
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