Candidatus Microthrix parvicella

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Candidatus Microthrix parvicella”
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BLACKALL et al., 1996
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Bacteria » Actinomycetota » Acidimicrobiia » Acidimicrobiales » “Microthrixaceae” » Candidatus Microthrix » Candidatus Microthrix parvicella
Candidatus Microthrix gtdb


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Citation Title
Fan et al., 2020, Chemosphere Factors influencing Candidatus Microthrix parvicella growth and specific filamentous bulking control: A review
Sheik et al., 2015, The ISME Journal In situ phenotypic heterogeneity among single cells of the filamentous bacterium Candidatus Microthrix parvicella
Wang et al., 2014, Water Science and Technology The potential role of ‘Candidatus Microthrix parvicella’ in phosphorus removal during sludge bulking in two full-scale enhanced biological phosphorus removal plants
Jon McIlroy et al., 2013, The ISME Journal Metabolic model for the filamentous ‘Candidatus Microthrix parvicella’ based on genomic and metagenomic analyses
Muller et al., 2012, Journal of Bacteriology Genome Sequence of “Candidatus Microthrix parvicella” Bio17-1, a Long-Chain-Fatty-Acid-Accumulating Filamentous Actinobacterium from a Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant
BLACKALL et al., 1996, International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology "Candidatus Microthrix parvicella," a Filamentous Bacterium from Activated Sludge Sewage Treatment Plants

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