Candidatus Ehrlichia pampeana

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Candidatus Ehrlichia pampeana” Félix et al., 2021
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Félix et al., 2021
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Ehrlichiae are small Gram-negative tick-transmitted coccobacilli that obligately dwell inside cells. These microorganisms are classified as α-proteobacteria belonging to the family Anaplasmataceae included in the order Rickettsiales [1]. Wild mammals, and probably birds [2], constitute natural vertebrate hosts for Ehrlichia spp., which are horizontally transmitted through tick bites [3]. Ehrlichia species infect different cells in mammals and ticks. While monocytes, neutrophils, or endothelial cells have been detected as the mammalian target cells, salivary glands, intestinal epithelium, and hemolymph cells, are infected in the vectors [4]. Some Ehrlichia spp. exhibit tropism for mononuclear phagocyttablees and compose microcolonies within membrane-bound cytoplasmic vacuoles known as morulae [5].
This new detected Ehrlichia is phylogenetically related to those found in ticks from Asia, as well as Ehrlichia ewingii from USA and Cameroon. Although the potential pathogenicity of “Ca. E. pampeana” for humans is currently unknown, some eco-epidemiological factors may be relevant to its possible pathogenic role, namely: (i) the phylogenetic closeness with the zoonotic agent E. ewingii, (ii) the evidence of H. juxtakochi parasitizing humans, and (iii) the importance of cervids as reservoirs for zoonotic Ehrlichia spp.
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Flores et al., 2023, Veterinary Research Communications Molecular detection of Candidatus Ehrlichia pampeana (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) in Haemaphysalis juxtakochi (Acari: Ixodidae) from central Argentina
Félix et al., 2021, Microorganisms Characterization of “Candidatus Ehrlichia Pampeana” in Haemaphysalis juxtakochi Ticks and Gray Brocket Deer (Mazama gouazoubira) from Uruguay
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