Candidatus Saccharibacteria

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Candidatus Saccharibacteria”
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Ferrari et al., 2014
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Papaleo et al., 2024, Unraveling and quantifying “CandidatusSaccharibacteria”:in silicoand experimental evaluation of V3-V4 16S rRNA metagenomics and qPCR protocols
Naud et al., 2023, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology Preliminary landscape of Candidatus Saccharibacteria in the human microbiome
Naud et al., 2022, Genomic description and prevalence of two new Candidatus Saccharibacteria species from the human gut in different samples and countries
Liu et al., 2022, Microbiology Resource Announcements Draft Genome Sequences of Nine “ Candidatus Nanosynbacter sp. HMT-352” Strains Cultured from the Human Oral Cavity
Podar et al., 2021, Microbiology Resource Announcements Draft Genome Sequence of Schaalia odontolytica Strain ORNL0103, a Basibiont of “ Candidatus Saccharibacteria” HMT352
Xie et al., 2021, EpicPCR-Directed Cultivation of a Candidatus Saccharibacteria Symbiont Reveals a Type IV Pili-dependent Epibiotic Lifestyle
Ferrari et al., 2014, Scientific Reports Insights into the distribution and abundance of the ubiquitous Candidatus Saccharibacteria phylum following tag pyrosequencing

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