Prescott, Rebecca D.


Metabolic versatility of Caldarchaeales from geothermal features of Hawai’i and Chile as revealed by five metagenome-assembled genomes

Balbay et al. (2023). Frontiers in Microbiology 14
Calditenuis Pelearchaeum Pelearchaeum maunauluense Ts Calditenuis fumarioli Ts Calditenuaceae Ca. Geothermarchaeota
Members of the archaeal order Caldarchaeales (previously the phylum Aigarchaeota) are poorly sampled and are represented in public databases by relatively few genomes. Additional representative genomes will help resolve their placement among all known members of Archaea and provide insights into their roles in the environment. In this study, we analyzed 16S rRNA gene amplicons belonging to the Caldarchaeales that are available in public databases, which demonstrated that archaea of the order Cal