Mahadevakumar, S.


Molecular detection of ‘Candidatus phytoplasma aurantifolia’ associated with virescence and phyllody of Zinnia peruviana: A new record for India

Mahadevakumar et al. (2024). Journal of Phytopathology 172 (2)
AbstractZinnia peruviana (Asteraceae) is an annual flowering plant cultivated in various gardens of Mysore, the south of Karnataka state, India. During 2021, phytoplasma‐like symptoms such as virescence and phyllody were observed on Zinnia in Mysore local gardens. A total of 10 symptomatic and five asymptomatic samples were collected, and the DNA was amplified by PCR using primers specific to 16S RNA and secA genes. The nucleotide sequence analysis showed that the 16S RNA and SecA gene sequences