Taxonomic note on the family Pseudonocardiaceae based on phylogenomic analysis and descriptions of Allosaccharopolyspora gen. nov. and Halosaccharopolyspora gen. nov

Teo et al. (2021). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 71 (10)
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Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics General Medicine Microbiology
The taxonomic positions of members within the family Pseudonocardiaceae were assessed based on phylogenomic trees reconstructed using core-proteome and genome blast distance phylogeny approaches. The closely clustered genome sequences from the type strains of validly published names within the family Pseudonocardiaceae were analysed using overall genome-related indices based on average nucleotide identity, average amino acid identity and digital DNA–DNA hybridization values. The family Pseudonocardiaceae consists of the type genus Pseudonocardia , as well as the genera Actinoalloteichus , Actinocrispum , Actinokineospora , Actinomycetospora , Actinophytocola , Actinopolyspora , Actinorectispora , Actinosynnema , Allokutzneria , Allosaccharopolyspora gen. nov., Amycolatopsis , Bounagaea , Crossiella , Gandjariella , Goodfellowiella , Haloactinomyces , Haloechinothrix , Halopolyspora , Halosaccharopolyspora gen. nov., Herbihabitans , Kibdelosporangium , Kutzneria , Labedaea , Lentzea , Longimycelium , Prauserella , Saccharomonospora , Saccharopolyspora , Saccharothrix , Salinifilum , Sciscionella , Streptoalloteichus , Tamaricihabitans , Thermocrispum , Thermotunica and Umezawaea . The G+C contents of the Pseudonocardiaceae genomes ranged from 66.2 to 74.6 mol% and genome sizes ranged from 3.69 to 12.28 Mbp. Based on the results of phylogenomic analysis, the names Allosaccharopolyspora coralli comb. nov., Halosaccharopolyspora lacisalsi comb. nov. and Actinoalloteichus caeruleus comb. nov. are proposed. This study revealed that Actinokineospora mzabensis is a heterotypic synonym of Actinokineospora spheciospongiae , Lentzea deserti is a heterotypic synonym of Lentzea atacamensis , Prauserella endophytica is a heterotypic synonym of Prauserella coralliicola , and Prauserella flava and Prauserella sediminis are heterotypic synonyms of Prauserella salsuginis . This study addresses the nomenclature conundrums of Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus and Streptomyces caeruleus as well as Micropolyspora internatus and Saccharomonospora viridis .
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