Draft genome sequence of two “Candidatus Intestinicoccus colisanans” strains isolated from faeces of healthy humans

Zhou et al. (2023). BMC Research Notes 16 (1)
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General Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology General Medicine
Abstract Objectives In order to provide a better insight into the functional capacity of the human gut microbiome, we isolated a novel bacterium, “Candidatus Intestinicoccus colisanans” gen. nov. sp. nov., and performed whole genome sequencing. This study will provide new insights into the functional potential of this bacterium and its role in modulating host health and well-being. We expect that this data resource will be useful in providing additional insight into the diversity and functional potential of the human microbiome. Data description Here, we report the first draft genome sequences of “Candidatus Intestinicoccus colisanans” strains MH27-1 and MH27-2, recovered from faeces collected from healthy human donors. The genomes were sequenced using short-read Illumina technology and whole-genome-based comparisons and phylogenomics reconstruction indicate that “Candidatus Intestinicoccus colisanans” represents a novel genus and species within the family Acutalibacteraceae. Both genomes were estimated to be > 98% completed and to range in size from 2.9 to 3.3 Mb with a G + C content of approximately 51%. The gene repertoire of “Candidatus Intestinicoccus colisanans” indicate it is likely a saccharolytic gut bacterium.
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