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Kryptonium thompsonii sp. nov. gen. nov.

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Palmer, Marike (2022). Kryptonium thompsonii sp. nov. gen. nov.. The SeqCode Registry r:jvapsuy2.
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 Eloe-Fadrosh et al. (2016). Global metagenomic survey reveals a new bacterial candidate phylum in geothermal springs. Nature Communications. DOI:10.1038/ncomms10476


Analysis of the increasing wealth of metagenomic data collected from diverse environments can lead to the discovery of novel branches on the tree of life. Here we analyse 5.2 Tb of metagenomic data collected globally to discover a novel bacterial phylum (‘Candidatus Kryptonia’) found exclusively in high-temperature pH-neutral geothermal springs. This lineage had remained hidden as a taxonomic ‘blind spot’ because of mismatches in the primers commonly used for ribosomal gene surveys. Genome reconstruction from metagenomic data combined with single-cell genomics results in several high-quality genomes representing four genera from the new phylum. Metabolic reconstruction indicates a heterotrophic lifestyle with conspicuous nutritional deficiencies, suggesting the need for metabolic complementarity with other microbes. Co-occurrence patterns identifies a number of putative partners, including an uncultured Armatimonadetes lineage. The discovery of Kryptonia within previously studied geothermal springs underscores the importance of globally sampled metagenomic data in detection of microbial novelty, and highlights the extraordinary diversity of microbial life still awaiting discovery 


Name Rank Status Nomenclatural type
Kryptonium thompsoniiTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_001442925.1
Kryptonium Genus Valid (SeqCode) Kryptonium thompsoniiTs


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