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Register list for 8 new names including Binatus soli sp. nov.

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Chuvochina, Maria (2023). Register list for 8 new names including Binatus soli sp. nov.. The SeqCode Registry r:ivphtsqc.
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 Chuvochina et al. (2019). The importance of designating type material for uncultured taxa. Systematic and Applied Microbiology. DOI:10.1016/j.syapm.2018.07.003


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Name Rank Status Nomenclatural type
Binatus soliTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_002479255.1
Binatus Genus Valid (SeqCode) Binatus soliTs
Hadarchaeum yellowstonenseTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_001515205.2
Hydrothermarchaeum profundiTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_002011125.1
Hydrothermus Genus Valid (SeqCode) Hydrothermus pacificusTs
Hydrothermus pacificusTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_002011615.1
Hydrothermarchaeum Genus Valid (SeqCode) Hydrothermarchaeum profundiTs
Hadarchaeum Genus Valid (SeqCode) Hadarchaeum yellowstonenseTs


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